About Fäshunc


My vision is to create highly functional and fashionable hand totes and satchels for men, women, and children.We have all owned a tote that is awesome in look but lacks the desired functionality.  Likewise, we have owned totes that are functional but lack the excitement of fashion and flare.  I have dared to integrate both features in the Fäshunc product line and have thrilled in seeing my vision come alive!  I will always push the envelope slightly, especially with color, so you will have to trust me, follow me, and enjoy the excitement of the Fäshunc ride!

Product quality and design are highly important to me. I received an undergraduate degree in Computer Science from Georgia Tech and an MBA from Georgia State University. When you combine my studies with over 15 years in product development and quality engineering, you can better understand my passion for perfection with my handbags.  All my totes are my original designs with collaboration from design partners in London and Shanghai.  My products undergo a series of safety and performance tests before they are released to my customers.  I design with function first because I believe the cargo (and exterior) of the tote should make sense for what my customers typically carry – literature, tablets, small lap tops, cell-phones, wallets, etc. The fashion accent appeals to my customers who, like me, enjoy the beauty element integrated into their hand totes!

With delight,

Desiree Arceneaux Lemons

Creator of Fäshunc